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Rod Daily Last Stop

For Brec Boyd, it’s the end of a long day on the road. Shuttling around town and always on the move, it’s pretty obvious he could use some unwinding. Rod Daily is pretty much as loose as they come. So after wine tasting has gotten him a little looser than usual, he makes a little proposition to Brec that Brec can’t refuse. And after all, it really is in Brec Boyd´s interest in every way. But he’ll come to realize all of this soon enough. Which is to say, soon enough he’ll realize he’s coming all over his Last Stop.

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Rod daily and Parker London

Well like the title suggests, Parker London is back from his long lengthy hiatus. Seems he just could not stay away, so he is welcomed back by his longtime friend Rod Daily. And not only is he back, he is damn horny! You can see the hunger in his eyes as he devours Rod’s cock, and hear the passion in his screams as he takes the dick every way possible.

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