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Rod Daily
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Rod Daily and Kevin Crows

Rod Daily has got a really hard problem today. He has to get ready for the first day at his new job. Kevin Crows thinks he is mostly ready, except for one little thing: that raging hard dick in his gym shorts. Rod can not go to work like that. He will freak everybody out… end up on a list somewhere… so Kevin decides to help him out. Pretty soon they’re both well on the way to fixing this stiffy in a jiffy.

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Friday September 2nd 8:30pm EDT

Finish your week off right with Next Door superstar Rod Daily!

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Rod Daily and Jarvis Chandler

Male pornstar Jarvis Chandler is about to learn that muscle stud Rod Daily doesntt take competition lightly. Whether it is on the field of play or on a battlefield, Rod shall take no prisoners. So when Jarvis turns up out of ammo, Rod shows him no mercy. He treats Jarvis like the no good POW that he is, punishing him for his crimes, and emptying his load of ammo all over Jarvis in this climax to war.

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