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Rod daily fucks Vince Ferelli

Rod Daily has talked his friend Vince Ferelli to help him moving some very old things into his new house. Vince Ferelli is happy to help his mate, even though his back has been killing him all day long. When Rods TV is just too much for VinceĀ“s poor back gay muscles, he had to asks Rod Daily for some massage. Little does Vince know that Rod has been watching Vince’s luscious tight hard butt do work the whole time.
Once inside, Mr. Daily lets his hands soothe Vince’s aching back. Soon he’s rubbing his chest and inner thighs. When that chubby from earlier returns during the rub down, Rod turns the episode into a full-body affair. Watch Vince’s thick gay cock slide nicely into Rod’s supple mouth. And no massage is complete without a good anal fuck. Check out Rod Daily as he bounces on top of Vince Ferelli, then delivers some hard pounding of his own, Rod Daily style.

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Rod Daily and Jarvis Chandler

Jarvis Chandler is gonna learn that Rod Daily does not take any competition lightly. Whether it is on the field of play or on a battlefield, Rod Daily takes no prisoners! So when Mr. Chandler runs out of ammo, army dude Rod is no mood to show him mercy. He treats Jarvis like the hard POW that he is, punishing him for his crimes, and emptying his load of ammo all over Jarvis in this climax to war.

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