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Rod Daily
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Rod Daily & Jeremy Bilding

Rod Daily & Jeremy Bilding have made it through another crazy New Year’s night filled with champagne, music, and hot sex. Now it is morning and they find themselves groggy from the festivities, but nonetheless, they begin the new year the way they ended the old one- naked and gay fucking on the bathroom floor. Happy New Year indeed.

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Rod Daily gets excited

Rod Daily is all alone today and chilling out one fine afternoon, overlooking the scenic hillside through his new bought telescope, when he happens to catch a glimpse of his neighbors getting a bit frisky by the pool. As he watches them fucking on the diving board, he gets excited, and his cock gets so hard he has no choice but to pull it out and long-stroke it, ultimately climaxing in a sticky cum mess all over himself.

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Rod Daily Groupsex

It is such a beautiful day at home on a afternoon for Cameron Foster. He is waiting for his friends, Rod Daily and James Jamesson to show up. They had plans to hang out today and Cameron has decided to blow off a little steam before they arrive. That is why he’s jerking off to one of his favorite DVDs on the couch.
James finished work early so he and Rod have shown up at Cameron’s place a little early. As they are heading inside, through a window they spy Cameron enjoying his large erection, thinking he’s all alone. When they bust in on him, Cameron has some explaining to do! Although he’s embarrassed, James assures him he and Rod enjoy tugging their boners too sometimes.

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Rod daily with Adam Wirthmore and Phenix Saint

In a village far far away, a hot, muscle pornstar named Rod Daily is sleeping. His two sexy companions, Adam Wirthmore and Phenix Saint were nestled beside him. As Adam awoke, he found himself horny for a hard cock. He knew Phenix Saint was fast asleep, but also he knew Phenix Saint would have a fat morning boner at that hour of day Slowly and gingerly, he placed his own hand on Phenix’s huge dick.

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Tyler Toro and Rod Daily

Rod Daily has a good treat for his fans. Not only is he taking an afternoon to indulge his viewer’s fetish requests, but he has invited gay pornstar Tyler Toro to share in the festivities. In a series of firsts, Tyler breaks the proverbial cherry with his first anal bead insertion. Watch as he and Rod Daily take turns spanking, fucking and sucking, culminating in a massive double cumshot all over Tyler’s rippling chest.

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Bait Bus with Rod Daily

Gay pornstar Rod Daily is here on the Bait Bus. What a special treat we have in store for all you Rod Daily fans out there. Watch rod daily fucking a straight guy on the famous Bait Bus

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The demon Rod Daily

From the most vile corner of hell comes forth an older demon who has preferred not to be disturbed. But when just the right incantation is uttered from the mouth of curious young Silas O’Hara, the demon whose name is Rod Daily is ready.
O’Hara is chanting from an older book he bought at a wizard garage sale last month. The old wizard warned Silas about this one, particular ritual, telling him the fabled demon Rod Daily would be loosed on the earth and seek to stuff his demon cock into the first tight asshole he should find. Silas was doubtful but speculative. When his curiosity gets the better of him, prepare for the damned creature’s hellish wrath! Watch Silas suck the demon Rod evil hard dick before being pounded furiously by the fanged beast. But don’t look directly into Rod’s soulless eyes. Or he’ll tear YOUR ass apart next!

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