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Rod Daily
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Rod Daily Masturbating

It is a very quiet night and Rod Daily stressfull schedule has finally slowed down and giving him some time to himself. Decked in his stars and stripes, he goes down and relax in a chair, and then he realizes that you are watching him and waiting for some action. Normally Rod Daily might be a little put alittle off by this but you seem like a horny man, and so he decides to put on a good show for you.

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Dylan Hauser with Rod Daily

*Video:rod daily, dylan hauser

Rod Daily are an appealing instructor. He understands that occasionally, just because a student doesn’t put forth his better attempt does not mean he is not willing to go those additional miles. Occasionally there is extenuating conditions that barely need to be corrected. This are the instance with his young student, Dylan Hauser, commonly one his better educatees. Lately though, Dylan has been slipping, and it turns out there has been a reason: a bit much late nighttime activity. But Mr. Daily determines to apply Dylan a chance to catch up with the extra credit. And a willing Dylan are all but to not alone get a deterrent example, he’s about to get something else corrected.

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Rod Daily hard cock jerk off

Rod Daily are lonely and calming down one good afternoon, looking across the beautiful hillside through his scope, as he happens to catch a glimpse of his neighbours acquiring a bit frisky along the pool. As he catches them fuck upon the diving card, he gets agitated, and his dick acquires so hard he has no alternative but to attract it out and long-stroke it, ultimately culminating in an sticky mess all over himself.

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Brec Boy with Rod Daily

For Brec Boyd, its the cease of an endless daylight on tour. Shuttling around townsfolk and all of the time about the move, it’s pretty conspicuous he could use some unwinding. Rod Daily is pretty much as at large as they come. So after wine tasting has acquired him a bit looser than usual, he builds a little proposition to Brec that Brec can’t refuse. And after altogether, it actually is in Brec Boyd´s interest in every way. But he’ll bear on realize all of this in time. Which is to say, soon enough he’ll realize he’s coming all over his Last Stop.

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Rod Daily Group Gay Porno

In a settlement faraway away, a blistering, muscle pornstar called Rod Daily were sleeping. His two sexy companions, Adam Wirthmore and Phenix Saint were cuddled alongside him. As Adam awoke, he found himself horny as a hard cock. He knew Phenix Saint was sound asleep, but also he knew Phenix Saint would have an fatness break of the day boner at that 60 minutes of daylight Slowly and gingerly, he placed his own deal on Phenix’s huge dick.

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Rod Daily fucking Connor Maguire

Rod Daily and Connor Maguire are in the locker room after a Sunday practice. Their muscle hot bodies are moist from sweat. Luckily for these two hot boys, sweaty and nasty is just how they like it. So they start by rubbing each other’s feet down, and before too long, Connor Maguire starts moving his toes down to Rod’s ever growing pornstar cock.

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Rod Daily fucking Jeremy Bilding

Rod Daily and Jeremy Bilding have made it through a crasy wild New Year filled with drinks music, and hot male sex. Now it is early morning and they find themselves tired from the wild festivities, but nonetheless, they begin the new year the way they ended the old one- naked and gay pornstar fucking on the floor.

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Rod Daily and Samuel O’Toole

Rod Daily and Samuel O'Toole

Samuel O’Toole needs a pay raise but his gay pornstar boss Rod Daily will not give him any more money until he confirms an crasy office rumor; he has heard that O’Toole has a monster cock and Rod wants to see it

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