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Rod Daily
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Phone Bone

The two unknown people talk each other up, both with their cocks out and only one factor on their thoughts. Jay slaps his penis in opposition to the phone for Rod’s entertainment, and it becomes instantly clear these guys need to do anything about their lust, so Rod determines to come take a look at Jay at the gym where he works. Upon arrival, both Rod & Jay are more than happy with the other one physically, and Rod shows his approval, by going down on Jay’s massive cock. With 10” of penis in his soft and warm mouth, Rod deep throats and gags on Jay’s meat stick before getting his turn on his knees. Getting Rod’s dick moist and hard while he masturbates his own dick, Jay is ready to fuck and Rod is DTF as well, so Rod bends over as Jay slides his hard cock deep inside.

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Rod’s Hand Solo from

It’s a peaceful mid-day, and Rod Daily’s stressful schedule has lastly slowed down and provided him a moment in time to himself. Decked in stars and stripes, he gets nude and reclines back in a lounge chair, and then he finds out that you are watching while dreaming how his friend and wishes he was fuck the crasy twink in the ass. Generally he may be a little put off by this but you seem ok, and so he chooses to put on a great and very hot show for you – just for you!

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The Carjacker

Enjoy this brand-new Video:
Rod Daily awakes to find him self in a very weird placement. Locked in the back seat of a customized police car, he can’t fairly accomplish the key in the ignition to help him self out. Acknowledging he is captured, the activities of the past night begin to fall into place, and he understands his dipshit friends left him here passed out and have forgotten about him. Guaranteeing to pay them back, Rod makes out his tasty men-prick and chooses to smear his big cock all over everything- the backseat, the upholstery, the car-windows, the floors- you name it, and Rod wiped his big dick on it!
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On The Set: Rod Daily and Andrew Stark

It’s another day On The Sex Industry Set! This time with the well trained Rod Daily and the hot and young Andrew Stark. They’re bringing you on location for a NextDoorStudios photo and video shoot where really anything can happen…and usually really does! See these hot pornstars getting extremely sexy in numerous passionate and hot positions for our cameras. You’ll watch and check out them go from portrait style to hardcore porn style as they strip totally down and generate the heat you want! This is your opportunity to see what it’s like on location as these wood hard dicks go to work, making the gorgeous photos and videos you love to see!

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Fucking 101

The perfect looking Rod Daily and his secretary Matthew Keading have constructed to help advise the masses with a visible guide to appropriate sexual technique. Going detail by detail, they guide you through the basics of kissing, fondling, getting a penis to go from limp to hard, oral sex, 69, as well as rimming and various unique fun positions for you and your sex-partner to try. Matthew shows particular acumen in giving soft blow jobs, and he nearly ruins the entire lesson by making Rod cum much too fast. But calmer heads momentarily prevail, which permits Rod to hold his nut for the messy reveal at the end. Stick all around to see who gets sticky!